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Hand Surgery in Memphis

At University Plastic Surgeons, we perform hand surgery in Memphis to restore function and flexibility to hands and fingers injured by trauma or disease, and to correct abnormalities present at birth. Our team of renowned reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgeons has extensive training and experience in reconstructive surgical techniques.

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Hand Surgery for Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition, often caused by repetitive motion injuries to the hands. It can also be caused by fluid retention or overuse of the hands.

The carpal tunnel is a pathway through the wrist where certain tendons and nerves are located. Excess pressure can cause damage to the nerves, resulting in numbness, tingling, aching, and impaired function of the hand. While less severe cases of carpal tunnel syndrome may be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and splinting, more severe cases may require surgery.

Carpal tunnel surgery is designed to restore function and normal sensation to the hand. Surgical procedures typically involve dividing tissue that is pressing on the nerve to relieve tension.

At University Plastic Surgeons, we are leaders in reconstructive and plastic surgery in the Memphis area. Each of our physicians hold a faculty appointment at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. You can rely on our team of esteemed reconstructive and plastic surgeons to perform advanced hand reconstruction techniques with exceptional skill and dedication to surgical excellence.

Peripheral Hand Surgery In Memphis TN Peripheral Hand Surgery In Memphis TN

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