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Treatment for Burn Wounds in Memphis

As stated in an article in the Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery, published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), treatment for burn wounds is worlds apart from treatment for any other type of traumatic wound. Increased capillary permeability with extensive burns can lead to extensive loss of plasma and shock. Wound infection and septicemia (blood poisoning caused by bacteria) are common causes of death in burn wound patients.

At University Plastic Surgeons, we serve Memphis and the surrounding states of Arkansas, Mississippi and Missouri. Additionally, our physicians practice at the Regional One Firefighters Burn Center, treating the most challenging and difficult conditions in the field of plastic surgery, including burn wounds. In addition to stabilizing the patient and providing the highest level of care, our skilled reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgeons provide advanced treatments to improve functional recovery and cosmetic outcomes.

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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Treatments for Burn Wounds

Extensive burn injuries can cause physical limitations and leave highly visible scars that significantly affect a person’s appearance. Plastic and reconstructive surgeons play an important role in transforming the lives of patients who have suffered serious burn wounds.

Our surgeons use both surgical and nonsurgical means to achieve functional and cosmetic improvements after burn injuries. With rapid and effective burn management, including proper fluid resuscitation (hydration), we can prevent burn wounds from progressing to a more serious level and prevent or lessen the areas of injury requiring reconstructive surgery.

Burn & Wound Care Memphis

However, third-degree burns and most deep second-degree burns will require reconstructive surgery to improve function and appearance. This technique involves split-thickness or full-thickness skin grafting to treat the affected area.

Nonsurgical treatments may also be considered within the first year after burn injuries. These treatments may include corticosteroid injections and laser treatments.

Burn & Wound Care Memphis Burn & Wound Care Memphis

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