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Flap Breast Reconstruction

Also known as autologous reconstruction, flap breast reconstruction in Memphis uses tissue from a donor area to form the shape of your breast. This donor tissue may include skin, fat, or muscle taken from another area, such as the buttocks, abdomen, back, or inner thighs.

Flap breast reconstruction may be immediate (performed at the same time as a mastectomy) or delayed (performed after mastectomy and other treatments are completed). There are many different autologous breast reconstruction techniques available, including fat grafting, using your own natural fat removed from another area of the body with liposuction. An external tissue expander known as a Brava device (like a bra with plastic cones for cups that use suction to expand the tissue) may be required for several weeks before fat grafting breast reconstruction.

The best type breast reconstruction for you will depend on several factors, including your anatomy, the type and extent of cancer surgery, additional treatment (such as radiation therapy), and your cosmetic goals. Our skilled reconstructive and plastic surgeons at University Plastic Surgeons can work with you and your medical team to devise the best surgical plan for your breast reconstruction in Memphis. We take pride in supporting breast cancer survivors in this critical aspect of recovery.

Women who survive breast cancer have won the most important battle. Next, they are faced with the changes lumpectomy or mastectomy can bring to the shape and appearance of the breasts. At University Plastic Surgeons, our esteemed plastic surgeons perform breast reconstruction in Memphis with dedication to surgical excellence to help restore the breasts and improve feelings of self-confidence for breast cancer survivors.

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Types of Breast Reconstruction in Memphis

There are many breast reconstruction techniques available to women today, most of which fall into two major categories:

  • Implant breast reconstruction
  • Autologous (flap) breast reconstruction
Breast Reconstruction Memphis

Implant Breast Reconstruction

This technique requires less surgery than flap reconstruction, as it only involves the chest area and not a donor site for tissue. In some cases, it may require more than one procedure.

The implants you choose may be teardrop or round shaped, saline or silicone gel-filled, or a combination of the two. They are placed under the pectoral muscle during breast reconstruction surgery.

Implant breast reconstruction after mastectomy may be more involved, when the skin of the breast has been removed. Such cases may require tissue expansion to make room for the implant. This involves surgery to insert a balloon-like expander which is gradually filled with saline over the following weeks to stretch the skin.

Breast Reconstruction Memphis Breast Reconstruction Memphis

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