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It is vital that you feel confident that you have selected the right plastic surgeon and that as parents, you are completely comfortable that we offer the surgical skills and experience to accomplish a significant improvement for your child. A comprehensive examination of your child’s condition will help us determine how to best approach the problem, surgically.

We use advanced diagnostic tools to assist us in planning a customized surgical procedure. Facial reconstruction for children can be a complex procedure and demands meticulous surgical techniques. We are proud to be a support to families with a child who needs surgical correction for a condition. We invite you to meet with us to discuss the future and how we can help your child have the most positive life experience.

When Children Need Help: University Plastic Surgeons in Memphis

Our team of plastic surgeons has achieved acclaim for their work with children. We know how difficult these problems can be for parents, and work closely with them in helping them understand the procedure and what to expect in facial appearance and function after surgery. Our goal is to create the most natural appearance in correcting facial structural problems.

As educators, we stay ahead of the curve in the most recently developed surgical techniques and are personally committed to our young patients and their families.

Pediatric Services Memphis

A Positive Approach to Reconstructive Surgery for Children

Children need to be cared for with compassion, skill, and a warm, positive approach. We focus on helping them feel safe and secure. If the child is old enough, we explain in simple language what we are hoping to achieve.

Beyond our ability to work with children with warmth and compassion, we adhere to the highest standards to protect patient health in every procedure. You can trust our surgical and medical team for their professionalism, experience, and depth of knowledge in reconstructive surgery in even the most complex issues.

Pediatric Services Memphis

Pediatric Craniofacial Surgeon in Memphis

Parents of children born with a facial deformity have deep concerns about the child’s future quality of life. We make every effort to help children achieve the most normal life in appearance, speech, and function. We use advanced surgical techniques to repair or reconstruct the facial structure and correct a congenital deformity or damage resulting from severe trauma.

Pediatric Services Memphis Pediatric Services Memphis

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