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Surgery for Cleft Lip Repair

The visible cleft in the lip is the result of the structure failing to fuse during the early weeks of pregnancy. The degree of the cleft varies from child to child; while some have a minor opening on the edge of the lip, in other babies the cleft extends up to the nose structure. A cleft lip, without a cleft palate, may appear on one side (unilateral clefting) or both sides of the mouth (bilateral clefting).

Babies with a cleft lip typically undergo correction surgery at about three to six months of age. As members of the faculty of the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis, we work closely with your pediatrician and other medical professionals to plan the surgery to correct a cleft lip at the appropriate time for your child.

If your child was born with a cleft lip or cleft palate, at University Plastic Surgeons, we are here to help. You want to ensure that every health and safety procedure is in place and closely monitored and the surgery performed with the greatest delicacy and accuracy. The first step is a consultation with our team so to evaluate the structural issues that require repair. In this consultation, we ensure that all your questions and concerns about the procedure are answered to your satisfaction.

About Cleft Lip Surgery for Babies

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Each child has a unique situation, and the procedure to correct the lip is a custom surgery. After the structure is repaired, your child will have a small scar on the lip beneath the nose, but this fades to being almost invisible. As facial reconstruction surgeons, we take great care in performing this delicate procedure. Our goal is to produce the most natural looking lip structure and leave the least visible surgical scar. We understand that how we perform the procedure will affect the child’s life and we take our responsibility very seriously.

Cleft Lip Repair Memphis
Cleft Lip Repair Memphis Cleft Lip Repair Memphis

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