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A Customized Anti-Aging Treatment at University Plastic Surgeons

Every patient is important to us, and we have dedicated our professional careers to cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, along with the most effective non-surgical treatments. Each of our acclaimed plastic surgeons are members of the faculty of the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis. You can trust us to perform BOTOX treatments conservatively, and to focus upon creating a very natural, more youthful look.

A full evaluation of your facial condition will allow our acclaimed plastic surgeon to recommend a customized anti-aging regimen, which may include BOTOX, a chemical peel, laser resurfacing, or other treatment.

BOTOX injections are a common way our patients maintain a smooth, youthful look for years longer than was possible ever before. First approved by the FDA in 2002 to smooth frown lines, BOTOX has now been approved to treat forehead lines and crow’s feet. BOTOX has been extensively studied and tested, is used the world over, and is the top-selling anti-aging treatment in the USA.

How BOTOX Works

Facial creases, lines, and wrinkles develop from repeated muscle contractions, such as frowning and squinting. BOTOX works by reducing the activity of facial muscles in the target area. It is crucial that the injections are performed correctly and in the right quantity, so your face maintains its expressiveness. Using too much of the product, or when it is injected into the wrong muscle strands, could produce a "frozen" look. At University Plastic Surgeons, our patients trust our skills, depth of knowledge of facial muscle structure, and the meticulous care with which we inject BOTOX to create a smoother, fresher, more youthful facial look – that looks like you.

BOTOX Memphis

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BOTOX Injections: What to Expect

The injections require only a few minutes of your time. To limit the "pinch" of the injection, a topical anesthetic cream can be applied, but the treatment is not exceptionally painful. The first treatment should be performed conservatively so it is determined how your body reacts. Younger patients may require less BOTOX than older patients for the product to do its work.

It takes a few days for BOTOX to begin to work, typically between three and seven. As the days after treatment pass, the smoothing effect begins to appear. Some patients may experience minor bruising at the injection site. This issue is far less of an issue when the injections are performed correctly – with the product injected just beneath the skin structure at a specific angle. The goal is to treat wrinkles – not to create an unmoving, unexpressive facial appearance.

BOTOX Memphis
BOTOX Memphis BOTOX Memphis

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