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When the facial nerves have been damaged, a condition called facial palsy can develop. This is a weakness of facial muscles as a result of the system being unable to send signals from the brain to the muscles that move the eyes, mouth, and other facial areas. At University Plastic Surgeons, we offer facial palsy treatment in Memphis.

The facial nerves – how they work.

Each side of your face has a facial nerve that originates in the brain, moving to the front of the ear where it then divides into branches. These branches send signals from your brain to the facial muscles to make you smile, frown, or other expressions, along with triggering tears, saliva, and providing the sensation of taste and smell. This complex system of nerves can be damaged, leading to facial palsy.

Treating facial palsy – What are my options?

Some types of facial palsy will resolve over time, naturally, as the infection clears. In other cases, it may be necessary to undergo advanced nerve treatment in Memphis with the help of the team at University Plastic Surgeons. Your options for improving or resolving facial palsy can include undergoing microsurgery to repair damaged facial nerves and restore a more natural appearance to the face.

University Plastic Surgeons and facial microvascular surgery

When the facial muscles have been damaged and cannot receive signals from the brain, it can be a very significant issue, affecting all areas of your life. The inability to have a normal facial appearance poses many challenges for people with the condition. At University Plastic Surgeons, we provide advanced microvascular surgery and a custom surgical plan to help you have a better quality of life, and a more natural facial expression.

Facial Palsy Treatment Memphis

How can facial palsy be repaired with microsurgery?

Facial nerve repair can be achieved with advanced microsurgical techniques repair damaged facial nerves. If the condition is related to trauma, facial tumor removal, or nerve damage from surgery, it may be possible to restore the nerve function with this cutting-edge surgical treatment. The first step is a full diagnosis of the facial muscles, nerves, and your overall health. When there is sufficient vital muscle left in the facial area, microvascular surgery can be performed to reconnect, repair, or graft nerves so facial motion is restored.

Recovery from facial palsy microsurgery— what should I expect?

The nerves treated will take time to recover from microsurgery. As the nerves slowly heal after surgery, the improvement occurs over time, often requiring several months to restore natural motion and an improved appearance. Our surgical team at University Plastic Surgeons performs facial reconstruction, along with microsurgery to repair nerve function. We urge you to schedule an appointment with us to diagnose and treat facial palsy with our advanced treatment protocols.

The facial muscles and how they work

The complex facial muscle structure allows for the wide range of human expression, with the entire muscle structure moving together to create smiles, laughter, and all the other expressions. These facial muscles perform the following motions:

  • Raising brows
  • Closing eyes
  • Frowning
  • Smiling
  • Laughing
  • Pouting
  • Lifting upper lip
  • Wrinkling nose
  • Lifting top lip
  • Pushing out bottom lip

The emotional impact of facial paralysis

If one or more muscles is paralyzed, it affects the entire face. Facial paralysis has a big impact on your emotional state, as other respond differently, and the condition is impossible to hide. Both children and adults can suffer from emotional damage, and seeking treatment does more than restore facial motion and expression – it helps to bring about a more positive, confident quality of life.

If you or your child have some form of facial paralysis, we urge you to visit with our team at University Plastic Surgeons to seek treatment. We offer the most advanced treatments for facial paralysis, and will evaluate your condition, the affected muscles, and advise you of the treatments that could help you.

Facial Palsy Treatment Memphis Facial Palsy Treatment Memphis

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