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Cubital tunnel syndrome, also called “ulnar neuropathy,” is a condition in which there is pressure on your ulnar nerve. This nerve starts at the neck, traveling to the ends of your fingers. One of the painful sensations experienced with cubital tunnel syndrome is similar to hitting your “funny bone” as this nerve is the same nerve that produces that sensation as it crosses the elbow joint.

What causes cubital tunnel syndrome?

This condition can be caused by constant motions, such as pulling, lifting, or reaching, or may be the result of elbow trauma. The cubital tunnel is made up of muscle, ligament and bone in the elbow, and the ulnar nerve passes through this tunnel and when healthy, is protected and functions normally. When this tunnel experiences excessive or ongoing pressure, the ulnar nerve is affected and cubital tunnel syndrome may develop, requiring treatment.

How do you treat cubital tunnel syndrome?

The first step in effective treatment is an accurate diagnosis. As the sensations experienced may have several causes, a full evaluation of your condition must be performed. To treat the condition could require keeping the area immobilized so inflammation can be reduced. In some cases, hand surgery will be necessary. The nerve may require being moved so it is released from the area of pressure. Ulnar nerve decompression may be necessary to relieve symptoms. After surgery, therapy may be required to speed recovery. Here at University Plastic Surgeons, you can expect to receive some of the best cubital tunnel treatment Memphis has to offer.

What should I expect in surgery to treat cubital tunnel syndrome?

The surgical approach will be based upon what will be required to release the pressure on the nerve. At University Plastic Surgeons, our hand surgery team can perform the most advanced surgical techniques to treat your condition, and release the nerve, move the nerve, or other surgical approach. The surgery is typically performed with local anesthesia.

Our hand surgeon may employ specialized microsurgery to repair the area and achieve long term relief and restoration of healthy motion and normal sensation. Every patient has physiological differences, so the surgery will be customized to match the specific condition causing your symptoms.

Cubital Tunnel Treatment in Memphis, TN

Why choose University Plastic Surgeons for cubital tunnel syndrome?

At University Plastic Surgeons, we offer advanced treatments for cubital tunnel syndrome in Memphis. Each of our surgeons is a respected member of the faculty of the University of Tennessee College of Medicine, and we provide a multi-disciplinary approach in treating this uncomfortable condition. Our hand surgeon is among the finest practicing in the USA and is familiar with the latest advances in modern nerve-related treatments and surgical approaches.

What will happen if cubital tunnel syndrome is not treated?

It is imperative that you seek treatment for cubital tunnel syndrome, as the condition often worsens with time, leading to more severe damage. If you are noticing any of the symptoms of this condition, such as numbness, pins-and-needles, tingling, or elbow pain, early treatment is important, as inflammation can become more severe, leading to muscle weakness or loss of sensation.

Cubital Tunnel Treatment in Memphis, TN Cubital Tunnel Treatment in Memphis, TN

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