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Memphis Scar Revision

Facial scars are impossible to hide and are often a great source of embarrassment. Thankfully, modern aesthetic technology and newer surgical techniques make it possible to reduce the appearance of even severe scarring on face or body. The procedure used for scar revision varies based upon the type of scar, skin type, and color.

Scar Revision Treatments

Some types of scars require removing the scar tissue completely. The damaged area is repaired with a skin flap procedure or a skin graft. Another type of procedure is called the Z-plasty, in which a scar from a wound is revised to make it less visible and can improve skin tension and increase range of motion. For some minor scars, dermabrasion or laser resurfacing treatments can produce a significant improvement.

Scar Revision Memphis

Scar Revision Treatment in Memphis: Types of Scars

Various types of scars require different treatments. These scars are categorized into the following groups:

Hypertrophic Scars

These are thick scars that can appear after a wound heals. They may be red or white in color and may become larger as time passes. These scars may be lighter or darker than the surrounding skin.

Keloid Scars

These scars extend beyond the perimeter of the original injury site. They have added discomfort as they are often itchy or painful, and when at a body joint, can eventually limit motion. Treating these scars requires great skill, as it is important to avoid another one forming if the scar tissue is excised (removed).

Contractures (Burn Scars)

This type of scar can affect quality of life, as they often restrict movement due to the tight, puckered skin that has pulled tight during the healing process.

Surface Scars

Surface scars include those left from severe acne breakouts, minor injuries, or surgical procedures. The scars may be darker in color and visible to others.

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Recovery from Scar Revision

While recovery will vary depending upon the extent of the treatment, when scars have been removed through surgery, there will be some level of discomfort. Swelling and bruising are common. When sutures have closed the incision, they will require removal. In some cases, it may be necessary to keep your head elevated while sleeping, apply cold compresses to help reduce swelling, and limit your activities so that no stress is placed on the incision site in the healing process.

Many more serious scars will require several steps to treat. Each step of the process, including skin harvesting for grafts, requires some amount of time for healing. We provide various added treatments, including topical creams to soften the treated zone and ward off infection, laser treatments, chemical peels, and others. As we offer a full range of scar revision treatments, you can expect that our team of plastic surgeons will do everything possible to resolve visible scars and enhance your quality of life.

Scar Revision Memphis
Scar Revision Memphis

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