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Balanced, Beautiful Rhinoplasty Results: University Plastic Surgeons

While all plastic surgeons are extensively educated, they vary in natural ability. Our team of plastic surgeons are all faculty members at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis. We are proud to have gained a reputation for surgical excellence in range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, including rhinoplasty, whether an initial surgery or revision rhinoplasty for patients who have had an overly-aggressive or poorly executed nose surgery.

As leaders in our field, we have the deep surgical skills to achieve excellent results, even in the most difficult cases.

Dr. Robert Wallace at University Plastic Surgeons

Because rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult and complex of all facial surgeries, you want to ensure your surgery is performed by a highly-skilled facial plastic surgeon. At University Plastic Surgeons, we are proud to have Dr. Robert Wallace as a key member on our surgical team.

The Perfect Nose for Your Facial Structure

When reshaping the nose in a rhinoplasty, our plastic surgeons are committed to creating a new shape that suits your facial structure and enhances your other features. Even just millimeters of over correction or under correction can produce a less aesthetic outcome. We carefully plan every procedure. We take great pride in our ability to reshape the nose so it appears balanced and in a size, shape, and projection to suit your other features and bring out the best in your facial appearance.

Nose Surgery Memphis

Open or Closed Rhinoplasty?

There are two basic surgical approaches to nose reshaping surgery, called "open rhinoplasty," and "closed rhinoplasty." While some facial surgeons rely on one type of approach, whether open or closed, at our practice we perform both, and base the decision on the need for nose restructuring. For more extreme changes, it may be more effective to employ an open surgery, with an incision hidden in the small strip soft tissue between the nostrils. This allow for more thorough access to the nose structure, which may be necessary for precision reshaping, rebuilding, or to resolve certain nasal flaws.

A closed rhinoplasty is often the surgical approach for less extreme nose structure reshaping, and typically has a shorter recovery time, with less swelling and bruising. The bottom line in nose surgery is to achieve the most appealing balance and harmony with your other facial features, and the type of surgery to achieve the look you envision can only be determined in a face-to-face consultation with you.

Corrective Nose Surgery and Rhinoplasty Revision

Some of our patients have suffered a health condition or accident that damaged the nose structure or had an earlier nose surgery that produced less-than-attractive results. As the nose is such a prominent facial feature, when it has a strange, uneven appearance, or is too large or too small, we can help. Some patients have breathing problems due to a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates (structures within the sides of the inner nose that project into the nasal passages), or other functional problem that needs to be correctly treated. When breathing is obstructed, the symptoms can significantly affect quality of life, with nosebleeds, facial pain, snoring, and recurring sinus infections. Whether your nose issues are functional or cosmetic, you can rely on the skills, knowledge, and experience of our plastic surgeons at University Plastic Surgeons in Memphis.

Nose Surgery Memphis

Recovery from Rhinoplasty

The first week of recovery from a rhinoplasty is the most uncomfortable, as it is normal to experience some swelling and bruising. The new nose structure must be treated with care, with any bumping or contact avoided completely. You will need to sleep on extra pillows or a wedge to keep your head elevated and speed healing.

During the first stage of recovery, your actions are restricted, including no showering, only bathing in a tub, and the need to consume only soft foods. The first stage soon passes, and the new look to your nose will appear. Our patients report a big upsurge in self-confidence and experience great pleasure in seeing their new nose structure, with a shape, size, projection, and overall appearance that is more pleasing, balanced, and attractive.

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Your custom rhinoplasty – a life-changing surgery.

If you are unhappy with your nose appearance, a custom rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Wallace can be life-changing. His meticulous surgical technique and the artistry in his approach makes it possible to create a balanced, natural look that brings out the appeal of your other facial features. Whether the surgery is being considered for an adolescent or an adult, you can be completely confident that your surgery will be performed by a recognized leader in the field of facial plastic surgery.

Why choose University Plastic Surgeons?

Each member of the surgical team at University Plastic Surgeons serves as a member of the faculty at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine. Dr. Wallace, our facial surgery experts, serves as Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery, as Program Director of Plastic Surgery, and a Professor of Plastic Surgery and Otolaryngology.

Discover a plastic surgery clinic with a difference.

If you are considering altering your nose structure, you want to be confident that you are under the care of a facial plastic surgeon with experience and a reputation for excellence. As Dr. Wallace is frequently called upon to repair a nose surgery that has gone wrong – an even more complex procedure – your nose surgery will be performed by a facial plastic surgeon with a 5-star rating on realself.com, at a private plastic surgery practice where we focus on patient health, safety, and superior results.

Enjoy a more confident life.

If you are unhappy with the look of your nose, it is difficult to feel completely confident. Imagine being free of concerns about your nose shape, size, or projection, and living life ahead with a nose that is balanced and looks natural. If you are ready to take a journey to a more attractive facial look, we invite you to meet with us for a private consultation. You deserve treatment with the most advanced techniques for superior results.

Nose Surgery Memphis Nose Surgery Memphis

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