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Facial Implants in Memphis

Facial implants are available for all parts of the face, from cheek to chin to jaw. To achieve greater facial balance or improve structure and appearance, implants can produce a remarkable improvement. In some cases, facial implants are needed for a reconstructive procedure. Whether you are unhappy with your facial structure, have suffered facial trauma, or are addressing a congenital deformity, facial implants can restore or enhance the face.

Facial Sculpting with Implants

We are not all born with the facial structure that is recognized in our culture as attractive. A patient may feel less confident in business and social interactions when they have one of the following:

  • Receding chin
  • Concave cheeks
  • Sagging cheek tissue
  • Undefined jawline
  • Trauma-related or congenital facial damage
  • Damaged soft tissue
  • Facial injuries from combat injuries
Facial Implants Memphis

Creating a more pleasing facial structure can be achieved with implants. The sizes and shapes of implants varies widely. Selecting the appropriate size, shape, and projection of the facial implant is exceptionally important in achieving beautiful balance. At University Plastic Surgeons, we take our responsibility to our patients very seriously, and when planning a facial surgery involving implants, great care is involved in selecting the type of implant to be placed. Our goal is achieving the most harmonious facial structure.

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Procedure Facial Implant

In placing implants, the procedure varies based upon the location.

Cheek Implants

For patients who have a flatter face, the placement of implants can create a far more pleasing look. The patient is under general anesthetic in most cases. It is performed as an outpatient procedure. The incisions are placed within the mouth and will not leave visible scars. Tiny surgical screws are used to anchor the implant in place. The procedure requires about an hour to perform. The result can be a more beautifully structured face that has a greater appeal and more attractive contour.

Chin Implants

To provide more projection, size, or better contour to the jawline, a chin implant can be placed. This procedure involves incisions made within the mouth (or beneath the jaw). The implant is placed and secured to the jawbone structure or in a pocket created surgically. The incision is then carefully closed with tiny sutures.

Jaw Implants

This type of implant is to add volume, structure, and definition to the jawline. The procedure is often sought by male patients who want a more masculine facial structure, or women who have smaller jaw that lacks balance with the other features. The procedure involves an incision inside the lower lip, or under the jawline. A pocket is created into which the implant is placed to repair the deficiency in the jaw structure. The incisions are closed, and once healed are almost invisible to the eye.

Facial Reconstruction with Implants

Patients who have suffered some type of facial trauma may require implants to restore the facial structure. As our team of plastic surgeons at University Plastic Surgeons in Memphis focuses the practice on both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, we have a great depth of knowledge and experience in facial reconstruction procedures.

Facial Implants Memphis
Facial Implants Memphis

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