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How Does Breast Lift Surgery Work?

The procedure in surgery can vary, based upon the degree of sagging, drooping, and the need to reshape the existing tissue. When performed by a highly-skilled plastic surgeon, the results are a dramatic improvement, with the breasts now reshaped and restored to a youthful position on the chest and excess drooping skin removed. For some patients, the nipples must be moved to a higher location on the breasts for a more beautiful result. The actual nipple structure is moved so the nipples retain function.

The procedure requires incisions, which must be carefully placed to create the most aesthetic result. Our team of skilled, plastic surgeons employs the latest innovations in surgical procedures. As members of the faculty of the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis, each of our surgeons is at the leading edge in the latest developments in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Take advantage of the skills, extensive knowledge, and aesthetic approach we take in breast lift surgery.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, age, gravity, and weight loss can all play a role in leaving you with saggy, droopy breasts. This condition can be distressing – a once young, firm body now looks older, less vital, and less attractive. Breast lift surgery allows the patient to regain high, firm, plump breasts, through reshaping the existing breast tissue and removing excess skin. Some patients may need to have the appearance of the nipples corrected, particularly if they are stretched, overlarge, or are drooping at the bottom of your breast tissue.

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Breast Lift: Restore Your Breasts After Baby

While motherhood and breastfeeding are rewarding for mother and child, the impact on the body can be extensive. Once firm, pert breasts can now appear deflated, stretched, and droopy. Breast lift surgery can bring the youthful, firm, appearance back to your breasts, and restore your confidence in your body image.

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Breast Lift After Dramatic Weight Loss

When you have accomplished your weight loss goals, you may be dismayed to see that your breasts now sag, look flat, and droop. The loss of volume has a great impact on breast appearance and many who have successfully lost a significant quantity of excess weight, whether through diet or weight loss surgery, elect to resolve the condition with breast lift surgery.

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Breast Lift Surgery at University Plastic Surgeons

At University Plastic Surgeons, our plastic surgeons are members of the faculty at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis, and we are committed to staying ahead of curve on the latest, least invasive surgical techniques. If you are tired of seeing droopy, flat-looking breasts, we urge you to meet with us and discuss what you hope to achieve and learn what procedure will be required to fully restore your breasts, so they look youthful, plump, and attractive.

Breast Lift Recovery

When you awaken from surgery, your breasts will be covered with bandages and a surgical bra to hold the breasts in shape. Initially, your breasts will be bruised and swollen and there is some discomfort, but it is easily managed with prescription pain medication. You will need to wear the special bra we provide at all times so your reshaped breasts continue to heal correctly. Plan on spending at least one week recovering prior to returning to work. For about a month following your breast lift surgery, you must avoid lifting or vigorous activity, and limit any raising of your arms over your head to protect the incisions.

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