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Why a Brazilian Butt Lift?

In earlier days of plastic surgery, implants were used to enhance butt size and shape. Natural fat transfer is a superior method, as it involves the use of your own fat cells, without the risk of rejection. The fat cells are extracted with a state-of-the-art liposuction system to protect the integrity of the cells, purified, and then injected into the upper area of the buttocks to add shape and projection.

If you are genetically programmed to have a flat, unattractive bottom, the use of your own fat can give you a natural, rounded, and attractive butt, while sculpting your waist or other body area that has areas with excess fat.

Do you dream of having a more beautiful butt? If you are unhappy with the size, projection, or shape of your derrière, a Brazilian butt lift could be the perfect way to achieve a rounded, plump, attractive bottom. The procedure has the added benefit of sculpting another area of your body when harvesting fat cells to add volume to the buttocks in a natural fat transfer.

Candidates for Butt Augmentation with Fat Transfer

If you are tired of seeing a small or flat-looking bottom and want a more rounded look, you may be a candidate if you are in the following condition:

  • You are in good general health
  • You are unhappy with the size of your buttocks
  • You want a more rounded look, or greater projection, or both
  • You have difficulty finding clothing that looks right on you due to an unbalanced body shape
  • You dream of having an "hourglass" figure with shapely buttocks
Brazilian Butt Lift Memphis TN

A Brazilian butt lift could be perfect procedure for you if you have adequate excess fat at the love handles or other body area to extract, as well as good skin quality and flexibility. If you are very slim and trim, you may need to have butt augmentation with implants to achieve the rounded bottom you envision.

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Natural Fat Transfer: The Magic of Using Your Own Fat Cells

The use of natural fat has many benefits, including no risk of rejection. Your body recognizes the cells and accepts them easily. The procedure often involves sculpting your existing buttocks with our advanced liposuction system, so the buttocks gain better definition prior to injecting the fat cells. They are typically added to the upper area of the butt to create a lifted, rounded contour.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

When transferring natural fat to the buttocks, you want to have as many of the transferred cells become viable in the new location, so you will need time to rest and heal – with very limited motion. Sitting can damage the fat cells, so working at a desk or other activity involving sitting must be avoided for at least two weeks. You will need to sleep on your stomach or side. For sitting, you will be taught how to sit and protect the area from harm during recovery. You can expect to go back to your usual activities, such as exercise, after about six to eight weeks.

Brazilian Butt Lift Memphis TN Brazilian Butt Lift Memphis TN

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