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What to Expect from a Body Lift

As a body lift is a custom procedure, what to expect is dependent upon the various surgical techniques employed in creating a smoother, more attractive body shape. Generally, you can expect a long surgical appointment, and to be put under general anesthesia.

For some patients, the body lift will be performed in stages, with one area resolved and then healed before moving onto the next zone for correction. We carefully monitor the health and safety of our patients and work with talented, highly-trained medical personnel to assist in surgery.

Body image is a critical point in how we feel about ourselves. When the body has excess fat, skin, and tissue, along with skin laxity, a body lift can help you restore a trim, fit appearance. This procedure is customized to match the needs of the patient and may address lower body, torso, or both.

Lower Body Lift

The loss of a significant quantity of weight is rewarding – but can have an aesthetic drawback. The skin has been stretched too far to snap back into place and remains to hang and droop on the lower body. The areas affected include:

  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Waist

A custom body lift can repair these areas, creating a smooth, firm look, free from the saggy skin and tissue that make it an embarrassment to expose your body in shorts or sleeveless tops, or to reveal your body in intimate moments. Imagine finally being free of the drooping apron at the lower abdomen and sagging loose skin and tissue at the waist and thighs – the result is a truly dramatic physical improvement.

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Upper Body Lift

An upper body lift addresses excess skin and tissue on the upper body, including these areas:

  • Upper arms
  • Armpits
  • Breasts
  • Back

Whether you lost weight through surgery or through natural means, the skin and tissue that is left can be a depressing result, leaving your body looking lumpy, with drooping skin and tissue that just won’t go away. An upper body lift addresses these issues. The added procedure of a breast lift for women who were left with flat or droopy breasts can be the final touch on achieving a more attractive body contour.

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A Smooth, Firm Body – At Last.

After bariatric surgery or a dramatic loss of weight achieved through diet and exercise, it can be impossible to rid the body of excess hanging skin. It is a depressing situation to have finally shed the weight and still be unable to feel proud of your figure – this is when a body lift is appropriate. Our team of plastic surgeons will craft a customized treatment plan to address all the physical issues marring your appearance.

Body Lift Recovery

Depending upon the procedures needed, typical patients will require about four to six weeks to recover. Sitting must be avoided for a week to ten days, as either standing or lying down will put less stress on the incisions. No driving will be possible for several weeks. Most patients, depending upon the extent of the surgery, will be back to their normal lives after about six weeks.

The scars from the surgery fade over time, and we offer various treatments to speed healing and reduce the appearance of remaining surgical scars. We work closely with each person we treat and guide them through the recovery process.

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